Essays in English


Waging war by guerrilla warfare with the stratagem terror is the main strategy of the weaker parts in conflicts of 21st Century, so to say David against Goliath. The grammar of war - as introduced bei Carl von Clausewitz in 1832 in order to bring some order in the brains of politicians - has been forgotten. Nevertheless,  the grammar of warfare should guide politicians in guerrilla warfare: David and Goliath

David and Goliath (short version)

Impact and challenge of 9/11 led to new policy of "War on Terror", however,  this term is a paradox since "terror" by its very nature is a stratagem of guerrilla warfare. One cannot fight a stratagem, you got to have a counter-stratagem available: On programmed Delusion

Why is it that a group of intelligent People will so often fail to fulfil a task because of arguments and discord resulting from internal conflict? On a broader scale, why do companies miss an opportunity in the marketplace despite repeated warnings from individual managers who advocate a change of course? Intelligence and Social Bodies

Intrigue is everywhere in social life.  In conflict several stratagems of intrigue is saving energy. Intrigue is  a ferment of social metabolism: The Principle of Intrigue

The main problems of misunderstanding arise because managers choose the wrong medium to communicate in solving conflicts: Grammar to manage Conflicts