On programmed Delusion

Again, “The March of Folly” - “War on Terror” is contradiction in itself


A thriller* featuring Charles Bronson shows how humans by manipulation of their sub consciousness can be enticed to actions that are not possible in normal circumstances. On hearing a keyword spoken through the telephone they assassinate humans, blow up factories and let airplanes crash. In addition, animals can be programmed similarly: Friendly dogs on a keyword become beasts.

Humans have used this effect since long time not only with animals, but also on their fellow men. Young people in particular are susceptible to such manipulations. Education is actually the introduction of children into the principles of life, but fanatics go beyond that. They teach programs with exaggerated contents and ideologies. Propaganda or PR measures are used to supply the public with manipulated information. We remember Goebbels with his blunt confession: Of course, propaganda has an intention, but the intention must be covered so intelligently and virtuously that those, who are to be inspired with this intention, do not notice the design at all.

History shows us many examples of the programming of humans to cease to be independently thinking individuals. The sub consciousness is being moved from reality to fulfil with fanatical contents. Thus, we meet people who seem to be normal; however, they are not. Their spirit has changed. Manipulation with delegation (Helmet Stierlin in The youth of Adolf Hitler) and with Infantilisation (Eibl-Eibesfeldt in Der Mensch, das riskierte Wesen - Humans, the risked creature) follow this design. We see that in

Ø .Religious fanaticism - inquisition, pursuit of heresy, sects, the promise of paradise after acts of terrorism

Ø Political fanaticisms - Hezbollah, IRA, China’s Cultural Revolution

The spectator took the thriller mentioned above as Science Fiction; however, September 11th became bitter reality. In that situation we now understand that the principal actors were actually up to then peaceful citizens, who studied, behaved normally and were inconspicuous.

Who programmed these actors? By what means? What was promised them and their families? Who paid their expenditures? All these questions are of great interest to the public. Only slowly it becomes clear what happened and which questions now need to be clarified urgently.

In those thousand-fold questions, which need to be answered, the main question is: In what ways can humans be programmed so that they give up their survival willingly and accept certain death. The Byelaws of Islam say on the one hand, one should not in fighting for Islam, harm the weak, and above all women and children. On the other hand, there is clear evidence that the actors believed their Martyr’s death would give them access to the highest of all paradises. Such promises are enticing. Illusions like that were filtered into the terrorists.

As in the cases of the promises of the Third Reich, or the building up of Communism, or the illusion around religious preferences in Kosovo, the hatred in Northern Ireland, the embittered fight between Sunnis and Shiite in Islam, between Black and White in the Southern States of USA, or the fanaticism in Iran: Where are the sources of discord?

Every social body, each family, group, and enterprise, every religious community, each state harbours her own ideologies – such as family pride, group understanding, Corporate Identity, faith, and patriotism. These are essential conditions for the social structure in the community. Ideologies function like rails, on which social behaviours are followed. Nevertheless, sometimes in the ideologies something is applied to them, that makes the social body insane. It is – social - poison.

With the application of poison into ideologies, the mind becomes brainwashed. The effect of these poisons must be regarded as decisive. It is the transmission mechanism for the poison into ideologies. (Eibl-Eibesfeldt calls this “Infantilisation” making people dependant on one infiltrated idea) - for example the promise of paradises in the other world.

However, mental liberty activates control functions in social bodies for balancing ratio and moral to maintain social intelligence. If realising social poison humans will find themselves in a loyalty conflict. The German people in the Third Reich replaced "Leader order, we follow“ with Leader order, we bear the consequences ".

Consequently, race hatred, class illusion, or hate in the hubris of Islam destroys the healthy sense of society and paralyses the communicative control system. However, the effect of poisoning the social system of nations is fatal. For instance, the provoking of fear and horror as we saw in the recent American election campaign is leading to a one-sided view. It was designed to shroud true motives of the Administration thus making people believe that they should follow the Republicans in order to feel safer.

We do not yet know all the details of the terrorists of September 11th, but up to then they kept undercover. After flight training they accomplished their diabolic plan following a well-coordinated pattern... It is obvious that the thriller mentioned above was not Science Fiction, but bitter reality.

Guerrilla wars, partisan fighting, gang war, underground fighting - and in them as special stratagem of these combat kinds - terror are the weapons of the weak against the strong. That is a conclusion we can draw without understanding the causes, pretentions and motives of the protagonists. We are still looking for another book such as Clausewitz over the large, open war (Vom Kriege = On War) and certainly the “Small War Manual” of the Marines is no Clausewitz. Indeed, we are in need of a better understanding of the stratagems of guerrilla warfare. The leading politicians of our World will then surely find in it a chapter “On building Bridges.” Such mediation in conflicts could lead them from using force to the peaceful exploration of the motives of the opponent.

Nowadays the guerrilla relies more strongly on terror. We get the bloody punishment carried out on innocent people rather than against their opponents. Terror is used to obtain a capitulation of the other side. If the opponent does not give way, then he can expect further increased terror. The media are inadvertently the allies of the terrorist in publishing of these dreadful acts. The guerrilla as a terrorist wants that public pressure on their opponent to increase progressively so that they will achieve their aim. Governments of the oppressed states do not concede. The consequence is an endless spiral of terror against terror.

One has to find convincing reasons for the hate of the Islamic world against the Western world. The Americans - their special goal - are assumed not to give sufficient support for the Palestinians. Ted Honderich’s book (After the terror. A treatise) was written before tortures in the prisons of Baghdad were revealed. Honderich thought that the guerrilla warfare between Israel and Palestine was too passively tolerated in the USA. Honderich describes the source of hate in the Islamic world and points to those Vials of Wrath (Revealing of St. John).

In contrast to intrigue seen as the forceless conflict, tricky fight the guerrilla war between states and subpopulations, is the continuation of conflict by force. The plotter uses silent stratagems to pursue conflicts, in order to avoid what we could term “combat energy”. This is also the design of the guerrilla. He looks for weak spots, Achilles' heels and uses Billiard strokes to fight against his opponent. Conflict is always the basis for intrigue and the guerrilla.

With their strategy of surprise through spectacular actions, the guerrillas as the weaker of the combatants are seeking public support – leaving aside the contradictory arguments either legitimate or not. There is Guerrilla war since historical times: Vercingetorix against the Romans, Robin Hood against the Sheriff of Nottingham, the Spaniards against Napoleon, those Running Dogs in Malaya and the Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland against English supremacy and finally at present the conflict in Palestine: Guerrilla war is therefore not only a feature of modern times.

The strong one, - see for example Israel, see England in Northern Ireland, see USA in Viet Nam, see South Africa, are all ignoring Barbara Tuchman’s warnings in her book March of Folly. They are persistently complying with their own ideology – by programmed delusion - maintaining that the own position is morally and legally indisputable. History shows numerous examples of such failures. For instance, today the idea of the introduction of Westminster democracy into a social body like that of Iraq – which is predominantly Theo-centrically oriented and contrary to Western culture - is ill fated from the very beginning. The march from Troy over Viet Nam to Iraq (Barbara Tuchman) is heading for disaster.

Opponents today do not negotiate any longer, terror and revenge become ever crueller. Victory terminates the open war, but guerrilla warfare continues and drags on for a long time. In such complicated situations a way out can be found only, if reason and the desire for peace triumph again and real leadership manages the conflict. The will for peace will rise when both sides finally recognize that guerrilla warfare and revenge will not achieve any success. It depends much on the fact that both sides are encouraged from third parties to look for peace – for instance in the case of Iraq from wise and prudent men such as King Salomon.

Aircraft carriers, armies, and tanks are not the means to fight guerrillas in the war against terror. The expression "War on Terror" shows that the very nature of guerrilla warfare has not been understood, so far. One cannot go to war against a stratagem. Terror as a stratagem of guerrilla warfare can only be fought by a matching counter-stratagem. More promising than "war on terror” is the attempt to build bridges to the opponent through mediators. In the past, America managed many conflicts with strength and foresight. Hope for future success does not have to diminish. Israel believes too much on the Massada-ideology of Barkochba, and too little on the foresight and leadership of Yitzhak Rabin. The prospects of fighting against Islam, like Barkochba against the Romans, are without hope.

The terror act against three small children in Northern Ireland had a cathartic effect on their opponents. In Israel, soldiers dropped their weapons, combat pilots refused to fly, fraternization on funerals (funeral of Yitzhak Rabin) – these were indications of the hope for peace – but the reservations at the funeral of Yasser Arafat should not discourage all people of good will.

*Film "Telefon" 1977 (Regie Don Siegel)

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